Another day, another fancy whip for Floyd Mayweather … this time the luxury gearhead is going off-road, dropping some serious cash to upgrade an ordinary Jeep into a Money-worthy stunt mobile. Trust me, this is not like the other jeeps you will see on the road, not even close.


TMZ Sports spoke with Alex Vega — the customizing guru down at The Auto Firm in Miami — and he tells us Mayweather dipped into his deep pockets and pulled out $100k to transform his 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

We’re told Floyd wanted every inch of the ride customized … so he added a new front hood, Avorza 35 inch wheels, new bumpers, and red LED base lights to make the streets glow red when he cruises.

He wasn’t done there though … ’cause the guys at The Auto Firm went all futuristic on the Jeep adding a super slick iPad integration system which controls everything inside of the vehicle.