According to authorities, a body that was found inside the wall of a southern California apartment, has been positively identified as that of a woman who disappeared in July 2009.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office announced the coroner’s office identified the body as Raven Campbell. “I don’t know how long the victim has been here, I just don’t know,” Lt. Steve Jauch. Two weeks ago, Campbell’s sister received an anonymous call from someone saying they thought her body is in a downstairs apartment in the wall of the closet behind the stairs, said her cousin Linda Campbellhumphrey. Her family immediately contacted authorities, and the detective assigned to the case visited the location. That prompted police to bring cadaver dogs that discovered the body inside of the wall.

Body of Woman Missing Six Years Discovered in Apartment Wall

Raven Joy Campbell was 31 in August 2009, when the Sheriff’s Department put out a missing person flier for her. The flier described her as having a “diminished mental capacity.”

Family members say she had been living with a female roommate at the apartment when she disappeared. The roommate said that Campbell had gone shopping and never returned, but the missing woman’s purse was found inside the apartment.

Mr. Jauch emphasizes the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, therefore, few other details about the discovery have been released.