It looks like the drama is continuing for the salty Mavs owner, Mark Cuban–and he has every right to be upset, I guess. After DeAndre Jordan decided not to commit to the Dallas Mavs and return to the Clippers, he issued an apology a few days later and it doesn’t look like Mark Cuban accepts it!


Yesterday, DeAndre Jordan took to Twitter to express his apologies to Mark Cuban and Mavs Nation after he decided not to sign with them. In a series of tweets Jordan says, I want to publicly apologize to @DallsMavs & @MCuban kindness and understanding. I am sorry to have a change of heart.” DeAndre then went on to say that Cuban was one of the best owners in the league; and to me, it definitely looks like he respects him but I don’t think Mark Cuban feels the same way.

It is definitely not surprising that Mark Cuban and Mavs fans would be upset with DeAndre Jordan at this point because he may have single handedly ended their next attempt to get a championship within the next season. Today, Mark replied to DeAndre’s apology and in typical Cuban fashion, he did not hold back.

Mark On DeAndre’s Apology…
“Dear Mavs fans. When When is an apology not an apology? When you didn’t write it yourself. Next…”

Sheesh. Although it came a little too late, DeAndre’s apology seemed sincere to me but I guess Mark Cuban wasn’t having it. LOL. I can imagine what the atmosphere will be like once DeAndre and the Clippers head to Dallas for an away game. New NBA Rivalry?

Source: SB Nation