A$AP Rocky has been in some hot water since he made comments about rappers in Atlanta all sounding the same. Although it seems like Rocky made an attempt to clear his name, one of the rappers he mentioned is not taking the matter lightly. At all. Que, the man who made “OG Bobby Johnson,” let the world know that Rocky is on his shit list. Find out what happened after the jump!

Rapper Que is one of several southern rappers who do not agree with A$AP Rocky’s comments about rappers from Atlanta sounding alike and reusing the same lyrics. During Rocky’s Red Bull Music Academy panel discussion last month, Rocky said that music from Atlanta is amazing but rappers from there tend to sound the same. He specifically referenced Que and his song “OG Bobby Johnson” as an example.

Que did not take that comment well.

“Fuck u got my name in ya mouth for anyway,” Que tweeted. “The 1000+ mfs that’s stealing Migos flow, rappin in triplets and u got the nerve to say my fuckin name.”

Rocky attempted to clarify his words with Que on Twitter by saying that he digs the song. However it doesn’t seem like Que is accepting any kind of explanation. Once Rocky tweeted out names of Atlanta rappers he does fuck with, including 21 Savage a friend of Que, Savage said that him and Que are not “wit that dick riding shit.” Que saw Rocky’s scheme and called him out on Twitter.


Check out the heated social media exchange in the gallery!

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