We all know that Lil Duval has a history of pushing people’s button and his lastest victim was Safaree. He made fun of Safaree and he might have touched a sore spot because he clapped back. This ishh is funny!

Safaree takes his career very serious and ever since his split with Nicki Minaj he made it clear that he is focused on being a rapper. Despite much critism, he seems to be sticking with it and has been performing at different shows.

Lil Duval came across some footage of Safaree’s performance and he just could help himself. He went in on Safaree in the caption saying “he came out like the crowd was going wild… too much confidence will have you looking like a fool.” Then Duval compare him to Meek Mill. That must have been enough to trigger a response, because Safaree posted a video to his Instagram taking pictures with “fans”. The post seemed like a direct response to Duval calling him a nobody. Play nice fellas.

Yall better leave Safaree alone! See the videos below.


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