Will Khloe Kardashian be featured in another reality show aside from the hit series Keeping Up With The Kardashians? It seems like it could be a good possibility. ABC has offered the reality star a chance to find love on their hit show The Bachelorette.

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Reports have been circulating that Khole has been offered the chance to be 2016’s Bachelorette. She was offered as much as $10 million to appear on the show. According to an insider,

“Khloe has definitely warmed up to the idea. Not only is it a chance to see Mr. Right, but she sees it as a great career move. ABC has been throwing out a lot of big numbers, because they think it has ‘surefire hit’ written all over it.”

Since her spilt with Lamar Odom, KK has dated rapper French Montana and is currently rumored to be dating basketball star James Harden. This could be something good for Khloe, even if she doesnn’t find love, I think she would be fun to watch on this show. What do you think is she after more fame or love?

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