IFWT_Plumlee rap 1

Former Brooklyn Net Mason Plumlee connected with New York Rangers fan turned viral sensation Will Roush and spit some bars while shooting money out of a money gun on a rooftop for their single “4500”.

Here’s a transcript of Plumlee’s verse via Complex:

I’m with the waterboy, Bobby Boucher
Evian bottles on replay
No Cuvée, no D’ussé
That agua needs two trays
At the Rangers game
I side with no lames
Already on the bench, give my boy Roush that 10-day
[Benjamin Franklin is killlin’ the game!]
It’s your boy Plums that’s my name
Money gun
What up, I’m Plumdog Millionaire with no aim
[Benjamin Franklin is killin the game!]
I seen Jay at the game
Hey, What up Hovi
Look at my jersey I’m the one and only
Tell the Russians I said: “Hundreds only”
Like Moss said, “Straight cash, homie.”
Ben Franklin, we will clone
It was love at first sight with that college loan
I smash on my last song
Look I don’t rap, but when in Rome

Hmmm now that Plumlee is a member of the Portland Trail Blazers maybe a track with Damian Lillard aka Dame Dolla is coming soon.

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