The life of a Jersey dude … Fetty Wap has too many females wanting to be trap queens.

We’ve met a few of the women who have walked into Fetty’s life – there’s Ariel, Yaya and Instagram model, Alexis Sky. However, the previously mentioned were clearly not enough for the new rapper. While performing in Los Angeles for the XXL concert, Fetty was seen hanging out with Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood’s Masika Kalysha. In a photo she posted to the ‘Gram, the reality star let’s viewers know that she had her eye on “bae.” While we were not too sure who “bae” was at the time, I think it’s pretty clear now.

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Fetty called himself being low, but when he took to Snapchat for a 10sec video, a damn near butt naked Masika made her presence known.

Check it out in the video below.

Masika also took to her Twitter to explain her love for the zodiac. “I met a Gemini, oh what a sex drive,” she wrote, quoting an old Tyrese song – her birthday and Fetty’s birthday is June 7, making them both Geminis.

Somebodies Tiiiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt;

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LOL! Now, since we know social media is not PRIVATE, Alexis Sky got wind of the ZOO member’s indiscretions, and had a few choice meme’s for Fetty and Masika.

When you see him, understand that’s EVERYBODY, said the meme Sky posted. She then went on to add the caption, “You can have him @MasikaKalysha.” Yes, she @’d her. “F**k it though. Life goes on.”

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It’s not even Monday, and it’s messy. Check out the exchanges in the gallery above.

This is pretty much the recap;

This is TEW MUCH!