In just a few short days, Future’s DS2 is scheduled to drop, and the Atlanta native is giving the audience a reason to listen. For part two of Like I Never Left, Future drops by Noah “40” Shebib’s personal studio in Toronto where he obviously records some smash hits, but he also talks some smash hits. Like all of the number ones he has been a part of since he came out.

“I’ve dropped a number one every year since f**king twenty ten … twenty eleven, I dropped a number one record,” Future says with emphasis on ‘NUMBER ONE’.

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“I came back and dropped nothing but street records after I done dropped No. 1 records. Came back with the mixtapes and gave away free after I had achieved a certain amount of success in the industry and being a superstar in the game or so to speak whatever,” Future said. “To come back to my essence, to my core fans and deliver something that they can accept and live with and feel great about, and accept me as one of your own… like I never left.”

Sharing some grub with Eliott Wilson, watch Future in the ‘Like I Never Left’ documentary part 2 below.