“I really, really … really would like for them to take that away,” says Michael Brown Sr., in an interview with Fox 2 Now. New Orleans-based artist Ti-Rock Moore has created a Michael Brown art exhibit for the world, including Brown Sr., to re-live a death that tore apart a community.

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The Michael Brown art exhibit, titled Confronting Truths; Wake Up, is placed in a Chicago gallery. What Moore calls a work of art, Brown Sr. calls disgusting. For the father that daily works on replacing the embedded image of his son’s body facing downward and lifeless, is only reminded of what happened the day Missouri officer Darren Wilson took the teen’s life. “The feelings that I kinda tried to ball up and put to the side … that just brought the whole day back alive,” Brown Sr. says.

The exhibit shows a life-size mannequin of Brown’s body, also facing downward, blocked off by police tape.

Although he’s not angry at Moore, Brown Sr. still would have liked it if he would have reached out to both sides of the teen’s families. From the sound of things, he got the mother’s approval, but skipped over the father.

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