Best Buy needs to yell at their website developer because last night they made a mistake of selling $200 dollars worth of a gift card for just $15 dollars! Bet it sounded like a once in a lifetime deal for many people until they realized it was a glitch in the systems.

For a short period of time Tuesday night Best Buy customers where able to purchase $200 gift cards for just $15 which lead thousands of customers to purchase the deal. The amazing purchase was publicized an sites which caught Best Buy’s attention and they immediately fixed the problem.

Best Buy employee posted on Reddit, one of the sites that promoted the glitch said.

“I am an employee of Best Buy, and we are very good at honoring our mistakes, however, mistakes this public with 1000s of people ordering something super discounted by mistake will most likely get canceled. In the meantime, I went ahead and ordered two, but chances are, we’re all getting a refund.”

Best Buy’s spokesman has not officially addressed the mistake but some customer reported their orders already canceled.

But that leaves the question what about the orders that made it through processing will Best Buy be refunding them or charging the customers bank accounts? Being that Best Buy is very honorable everyone would probably just be getting back their $15 dollars.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter