Chris Brown just cannot catch a break from anyone! First, the crazy home intruder that was found in his bed, to his house getting robbed this week, to his baby momma Nia stating that Royalty is not safe with him because of his gang of friends!

Sheesh, after the home invasion on Tuesday, Nia Guzman who is Royalty’s mother is said to be afraid for her daughter’s safety when she’s with Chris Brown and his friends. Close sources to Nia Guzman told TMZ, she think many of Chris’ friends are gang member or gang-affiliated and the robbery shows they’ve now turned on Chris. There has not been a confirmation on if this robbery was gang related or if someone is after Chris Brown.

But sources where told that Chris Brown’s mother thinks the hit was an inside job. This is a lot for the young father to handle all at once. He just filed documents asking the judge for a formal custody agreement because Nia has been denying him visits with their child. Now he might have some gang related violence targeted at him? This might not go so well in the courts for Breezy. You also have to remember he is a celebrity, celebrities deal with a lot of break in’s and fans completely losing their mind over them. Hopefully this is just one of those cases.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter