After blowing up so quickly and gaining such crazy fame at a remarkable speed, it is safe to say that New Jersey’s own Fetty Wap is LITTTTTTTTTTTT out here in these streets. Not only does he have the rap world on lock, but it seems like the Zoo Gang leader got all these chicks feigning to be a “Trap Queen.”

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Throughout the past few months that Fetty has been gaining all types of attention, he has had model vixens on him from Alexis Sky to now Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s‘s own Masika.

The funny thing about Fetty is that he’ll go along with it for media purposes I’m guessing, but little do they ALL know is that he has a wonderful girlfriend named Yaya back home in P-Town that he’s taking VERY good care of.

BallerAlert posted a picture from Yaya’s page of her and Fetty in the car with a caption she wrote saying, “Ride or Die.” They caught Fetty #ComentCreepin as he wrote, “She straight she great believe that” with a hands up and heart emoji.

I know Fetty personally and as long as I’ve been rockin’ with him, he’s always been with Yaya. Through the recent birth of his daughter (by a different mom), his first son by his high school sweetheart Ariel who he is still very close with and all this talk of these video chicks, she’s been the real MVP holding Mr. Wap down through the BS.

It’s sad to say but in this industry, a lot of chicks end up dealing with the extra added nonsense that comes along with dating a celebrity. Not saying that it’s right but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Ladies, could you handle it?!