This year’s ESPY awards are just sad as hell! The story of Devon Still and his daughter Leah’s fight with cancer has been broadcasted in headlines for some time now and ESPN has honored her for her strength in battling cancer.


Devon Still is definitely a model athlete showing his mental strength and courage by being able to share his daughter’s story with the world. Leah Still was diagnosed with cancer and her entire journey seems to have been documented. How could a professional athlete–or any parent for that matter–cope with that news and still continue to do their job?

Devon Still thanked the Cincinnati Bengals for allowing him to stay on the roster–on their practice sqaud–so he could retain his insurance and still be able to tend to his sick daughter. Definitely a stand up move by the organization. Cinci definitely played a huge role in the support Devon was able to give Leah.

Thankfully, Devon let us know that Leah has beaten her cancer and that she is currently in remission when he accepted the award on her behalf. Although Leah is continuing her fight, it looks like the story had a happy ending after all!

ESPN is definitely hitting some soft spots during this evenings awards but, awareness nonetheless!