It is said that when people go through different traumatic life altering events, they often change up their hair style to cope with whatever it is they are dealing with. For Chris Brown’s case, that would make ALL the sense in the world being that this man changes up his hair more than most homeless people change their drawers.

Breezy took to his Instagram page to debut yet ANOTHER hair-do, this time saying adios to the curls and hello to a nice clean looking brush-cut. Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen everything from curly to rainbow, purple, blue and the list just goes on and on. Since CB seems to be getting his life back on track and taking his new role as a daddy very seriously, I guess he wanted to “shave away the toxins” and start fresh with his shaved head and his precious baby girl, Royalty.

I’m sure getting his brand new mansion broken into and his aunt held at gun-point didn’t help this ridding of the negative energy but hopefully he can stay grounded and not act out irrationally as he is known to do.

Check out Breezy’s new fresh and clean ‘do in the gallery. Are we feelin’ it, ladies?

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