It has been an eventful week for Ciara to say the least and it is only Wednesday. ESPN is holding their annual ESPY awards today and Russell Wilson and Ciara show up and crush the red carpet.


Earlier this week, Ciara found herself defending her position in her previous relationship after Future was seen in an interview discussing Russell Wilson’s statements about him and Ciara holding out on sex. Ciara took to Twitter to discredit his statements and she definitely caused a frenzy on the blogs by doing so and probably helped promote Future’s upcoming album, #DS2.

Ciara also sang the National Anthem during the opening ceremony of the MLB All-Star game. Definitely a busy week for her and its great to see her take some time to be her new guy’s date at this year’s ESPY awards.

Russell And Ciara On The Red Carpet…

I’m not too much of a high end fashion guy, LOL, nonetheless, Russell says he is wearing Calvin Klein and Ciara says she is in Elie Saab. Ironically, Russell was also apart of the opening scene of the award show tonight where a joke was made about him throwing the ball instead of passing it during the final play of this year’s Super Bowl.