Over the past few months, Tyga has had the weight of the world on his shoulders. From being accused of pedophilia, to selling only 2,200 units of a horrific album, and being exposed by a transgender for sending the D-pictures, the California artist has taken a beating publicly. However, Tyga is trying to remained level-headed, and busy with business.

It’s not all play as Tyga will be working on an action comedy film with Bruce Willis, David Arquette, Victor Ortiz, Adam Goldberg, and Ken Davitian. Find out more below.

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Willis is set to star as a private eye in Los Angeles whose professional and personal worlds collide when his dog is stolen by a gang. He find himself chased by two vengeful Samoan brothers, a loan shark’s goons, and a few other shady characters.

The film has yet to be titled, and still in production. No word on the character Tyga will be playing, but my guess is he’s one of the thugs who stole the pooch.

While the untitled movie sounds like a riot, we’ll get more personal with Tyga in the upcoming MTV2 series, Kingin’ With Tyga.

The six episode, half-hour series follows Tyga and his crew as they attempt over-the-top stunts and indulge in a lavish lifestyle made famous by his Instagram account, which currently has more than 5 million followers.

Kingin’ With Tyga is scheduled to premiere on Friday, July 24.

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SO … will you be watching? I must say, I’d like to see more of Tyga around his people, so I’ll check out the first episode.