Update 2:36PM: Law enforcement officials have confirmed the shooter involved in the Chattanooga incident is dead. They do not believe there is more than one shooter.

Update: A tweet sent out by the mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee around 1:15PM confirmed that the “active shooter” situation was over. During the attack at least two two military facilities were sprayed with gunfire. So far it is unclear how many people were hurt during the attack. Mayor Andy Berke only revealed there was one officer “down,” after what he called “very terrible situation.”

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Authorities are investigating an active shooter situation at the Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Police are calling this a horrific incident and plan to release more details as the are confirmed.

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According to witness reports, a white man was firing “a high-powered rifle” from a silver drop top Mustang.

The mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee sent a message via Twitter calling incident “horrific.” At this time it has been reported that one officer was “down.” Chattanooga State University students were also warned to stay inside.

The road to the Navy reserve has been blocked off and police are pursuing the shooter. More details to come. Standby…

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