A driver from Yuma, Arizona was apparently irate at the fact that this guy driving his motorcycle cut him off, and from there things turned ugly in a matter of seconds.


As you can see from the photo above this altercation did not end well. The man you see on his back in the photo was furious that the motorcyclist cut him off so he took matters into his own hands and decided to approach the guy driving his motorcycle while stopped at a red light and began to punch him in the face. While the assault is happening the cyclists’ girlfriend tried to break up the fight but instead she was pushed and the angry driver continued his attack on her boyfriend. Obviously the boyfriend had endured enough from the attack and pushed the man to the ground as you can see in the photo above he’s on top of the man and is pinning him down against the pavement.

It was said that the angry man may have been intoxicated and was not sent to jail instead he took a trip to the hospital with a broken ankle. All of this was captured on the boyfriends GoPro camera that was attached to the top of his helmet. You can watch the footage below.