Draya is just one of those celebrities that gets torn apart for EVERY little thing she does, no matter what. She recently did a good deed and stopped by The Children’s hospital of Los Angeles to give out headbands to the sick children. Unfortunately, the Instagram trolls just weren’t satisfied with that and had to find SOMETHING to pick on her about.

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The former Basketball Wives star posted a picture up with one of the young patients at the hospital with a caption that reads:

Spent the day the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles @childrensLA special thank you to @headbandsofhope for allowing me to give out those cute headbands today was special in so many ways.

In the photo, you can see Draya’s hard nipples poking out a tiny bit, causing her comments to get flooded with negativity in regards to her outfit being inappropriate.

Take a look in the gallery to see what people had to say.

SMH, it’s a shame that even when Draya tries to do right and give back to the community, nobody can just let her live and commend her for her charitable work.