IFWT_Birdman and Young Thug
Earlier Young Thug’s home got raided when he was arrested in ATL for terroristic threats(he told a mall security guard he’d shoot him in the face), but apparently there’s more to the story. The reporter that reported on it for local ATL tv station(WSBTV) says Baby and Young Thug are named in the indictment for Thugger’s road manager that shot at Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

Tat Wza

This is kinda crazy, but given that things have been escalating between Baby and Tunechi(as recently as this past weekend with Baby allegedly throwing a drink at Wayne), with Young Thug jumping in(Barter 6), anything is possible.

Right now it’s just the local reporter Mike Petchenik(WSBTV) that is talking about the indictment that names Stunna and Thugger as being associates of Jimmy Winfrey, the ‘manager’ that shot up Weezy’s tour bus, but TMZ had previously reported that it was for ‘Gang Status’. Of course Birman and Young Thug are NOT charged with any of that, but Cobb County prosecutors are allegedly watching them as they are named as working with Winfrey, and are all apart of the Bloods Gang. I would suppose the next thing is the indictment actually coming out….stay tuned. See Petchenik’s tweets where he’s spilling all kinds of Beans(like how the music video for Young Thug’s “Half Time” shows the same type of assault rifle used on the bus shooting).

Just in case you want to see for your self;

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