50 Cent

50 Cent has been doing a semi-good job of convincing the world that he’s broke, but we still don’t really believe him. However on Thursday, Fif released a list of all the different places he owes money to (including his own grandpa!)

According to the paperwork Fif filled out when he filed for backruptcy, he owes money to 49 creditors between $10 and $50 million dollars.

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Some of the money he owes includes $137,880 to Bentley Financial Services for a car lease, $64,909.04 to American Express for his credit card bill and $5,245.66 to a stylist on Park Avenue.

He also owes money to lawyers for his legal fees including $568,304 to Reed Smith. Let’s not forget he just took a major L with the $5 million dollar sex tape case he just lost to Rick Ross’ baby mama.

All together, 50 is worth about $155 million dollars, so he is still out here winning, regardless of the sob story he’s running with about his finances.

Source: PageSix