Just last year The Ice Bucket Challenge trend spread quickly across the world. Over 17 million people participated in a challenge to raise awareness for ALS. ALS awarness made a huge impact on the world , even made its way on TV as the hit show Empire incorporated ALS in a major part of the show by having one of the main characters Luscious Lyons being diagnosed with the disease. Although a few people did the challenge before actually knowing about ALS , it allowed them all to be educated as to why the ice was needed in the challenge. ALS causes your nerves to have spasm that would feel similar to the feeling of having a bucket of ice thrown on you. Find out how your videos and donations have helped in a big way!

2.5 million people donated to the Ice Bucket challenge banking in over $115 Million dollars to the ALS Association. $47 million went into specific items while the remaining funds will be spread across five spending buckets. Each Bucket being separated for different uses. Bucket 1 , which is 77 million dollars will go to research. Research is the most important because it can lead to finding a cure. Bucket 2 will be 23 million dollars for Patient and community services. Bucket 3 , which is for Public and professional education will have 10 thousand dollars.

Bucket #4 will have 3 millions dollars set specifically for Fund Raising. Fund Raising is what helped to get where this association is at fund wise. The money will go toward communication initiatives and data analysis in order to keep the support of donors it picked up during the Ice Bucket Challenge. The last Bucket, Bucket #5 will go toward External Processing fees. Aka they want to make sure Credit and Debit card donations will be available on any ALS associated sites. The $2 million will go to process the payments and coverage overage charges, due to the site having a max amount of visitors at a time. Your Ice Bucket challenges were appreciated and helped in a major way.

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