In just about three short months, a jury of his peers finds Colorado theater shooter James Holmes guilty of first-degree murder. He now faces the death penalty.

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Holmes, who caused mayhem in 2012 during Batman: The Dark Knight Rises premiere, was depicted by defense attorneys as an insane individual who suffered from childhood traumas and delusions. Clearly that fight didn’t sit to well. After reviewing 165 of the charges, it took twelve jurors thirteen hours to find Holmes guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday, July 17th.

2-hours of videotaped interviews from Holmes, pictures of the theater after everything transpired and the incoherent ramblings written in a spiral notebook from Holmes were just some of the evidence the jury used to come to a decision. Now, the same jurors will decided if her serves life in prison, or get the death penalty.

His victims included two active-duty servicemen, a single mom, a man celebrating his 27th birthday and an aspiring broadcaster who had survived a mall shooting in Toronto. Several died shielding friends or loved ones.

During the trial, prosecutors called on 200+ witnesses with at least 70 of them being survivors of Homes’ attack. Some of the survivors showed long-term physical damage with missing limbs and wheel-chair bounds.

The youngest to die was a 6-year-old girl whose mother also suffered a miscarriage and was paralyzed in the attack. Another woman who was nine months pregnant at the time described her agonizing decision to leave her wounded husband behind in the theater to save their baby. She later gave birth in the same hospital where he was in a coma. He can no longer walk and has trouble talking.

Check out some of Holmes’ victims in the gallery above.