Yesterday, #IFWT reported about the death of Sandra Bland that has been ruled as a suicide–as of now–and the investigation was being led by the very department that made the initial arrest. Today, it has been learned that the FBI will now be joining the investigation.


Texas is currently known as one of the most progressive places in the country when it comes to making a living; however, they rank at the top of one of the most racist states as well. Sandra Bland was pulled over after she failed to use a signal while driving her car and as a result, she was snatched from her car and her head was said to be slammed on the ground before she was placed under arrest.

In video that surfaced from the arrest, you can hear Sandra yelling at the officers for not handling her with care, especially since she is a woman. SMH. The video also shows an officer with his knee in her back and before she was placed in the squad car, an officer prompted a citizen who was recording to leave the scene. The citizen refused after stating he was on public property.

According to reports, Bland supposedly hanged herself with a trash bag after she was last seen around 7AM on Saturday morning. There are many details that have been unreleased to the public; however, now that the FBI is taking part in the investigation, maybe the details will become more transparent.

The fact that the FBI is joining the investigation, it could perhaps diffuse any unnecessary racial tensions that are said to be very prevalent in Waller County, Texas where Sandra’s death took place.

Source: USA Today