Jidenna is a Nigerian-American rapper that is taking over the hip hop game! Jidenna recently interviewed with VladTV about his experience in Nigeria and got dragged to the mud! The creative artsy lyricist now responds to backlash for interview about Nigeria!

To make thing clear. Jidenna is a Nigerian-American and also belong to the Igbo tribe. jidenna belongs to atribe that is away from the city. In a interview with DJ Vlad, Jidenna was reflecting on life and revealed his cultural roots. Including talking about some racial issues in society, Jidenna spoke about being a “light-skinned” person in the Igbo-Land of Nigeria.

The Wondaland artist implied that lighter skinned people living in the Igboland might have certain trials and tribulations. Jidenna said that lighter skinned people might get robbed or kidnapped easily and he even had to bring guns to his dads funeral.
This did not settle well with the Nigerian-American people. Most people thought that Jidenna was basically trying to play Nigeria out and give Nigeria a bad look!

Jidenna responded to the statements he made in the VladTV interview. Jidenna wrote a public letter to all his fans and Nigerian fam on his website. Jidenna stated that he always talks about the greatness of Nigeria in interviews and people always love to pinpoint negativity. Jidenna added that he understands the anger and frustration coming from all his natives. He concluded that he was not trying to disgrace the legacy of Nigeria and reaffirmed that he was speaking on personal experiences. What do you think?

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