Well we pretty much saw this coming in the society with live in today. Peter Berg caused quite a stir when he posted a picture of Caitlyn Jenner next to a solider who lost both legs, with the emphasis of showing his disappointment for ESPN giving Caitlyn an award based on courage. The post received a lot of attention, both good & bad and now it may lead to legal troubles for the director.


Peter Berg got a ton of backlash for posting that meme featuring Caitlyn Jenner — and now one of the haters is considering taking legal action against the director.

The issue? The meme features a pic of Jenner owned by a photo agency … which immediately recognized Berg was using its property. So, now it’s fired off a cease and desist letter to Berg’s people … demanding the photo be removed.

The agency, AKM-GSI … isn’t just upset the photo was used without permission (read: payment), it says it never would have allowed the pic to be used to mock Caitlyn.

As of right now … the pic is still on Berg’s Instagram. Sounds like someone is just reaching for an attention grab because Instagram is full of millions of pictures that are technically owned by someone or some agency.