Fetty Wap has released a statement via Twitter about the alleged Shoprite assault case. The rapper was being a person of interest in the case after being named in the brawl by a witness. Police launched an official investigation about the incident.

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The “My Way” rapper, admitted to being a the Paramus, New Jersey Shoprite at the time of the incident but said, he was not involved in anyway. He brushed off the accusations saying “Fights happen every day in Jersey, nothing new.”

The Paramus Police department confirmed Fetty Wap’s statement saying “Our investigation is complete,” adding, “None of the parties wished to press charges.

The incident was sparked by a store employee who felt disrespected by a customer. The employee smacked customer, and was then jumped by three other guys. You can watch the video at the link above.

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Also the day the news dropped, Fetty Snapchatted this;

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