There is definitely profit to be made in everything these days. Tom Brady and The New England Patriots’ infamous Deflategate scandal has opened the doors for some interesting purchases. One of the under inflated balls from the AFC championship game has sold for about $44,000!


During the AFC championship game, Brandon Lafell of the Patriots gave the ball to Laura Nichols after a touchdown. Nichols has since held onto the ball and it is believed that it was the only ball of the under inflated ones that was not returned to the league.

Nichols definitely came up big after she made the sale of that game ball. Laura Nichols reportedly used Lelands.com to help sell the Deflategate game ball and according to reports, she raked in abotu $43,740 on the ball. Talk about a come up!

Ironically, though, the near $44,000 price tag for the game ball does not even sniff among the highest paid for sports memorabilia. ESPN reports that someone once paid $3 million for a Mark McGwire home run baseball–his 70th.

The Deflategate scandal is still going on as Tom Brady has appealed the decision that was made to suspend him for 4 games in the upcoming season. A decision in his appeal case is said to be made by the end of this month. Remembering that Roger Goodell and Robert Craft, the Patriots owner, are good friends, it will definitely be interesting to see what the decision will be.

Source: Bleacher Report