Ny’s own Remy Martin was finally released from prison last summer, but our Rap diva is still getting used to social media haters. We have to wrap our minds around exactly how much has changed while Remy was away. There was no Instagram 6-7 years ago, and Twitter was not as trending and popular as it is now. See how the Bronx Bomber had to check an instagram hater that had something to say about lyrics Rem posted of an upcoming Papoose song.

Always quick to defend her hubby Papoose but in the nicest way she could have, she corrected the instagram user and tried to laugh it off. Remy, don’t even worry girl , in 2015 there is no reason to even respond to your instagram comments. Before she did her time in jail , fans did not have as much access as they do now to contact celebrities. For some reason a trend in this generation , are hecklers and people who will comment hateful things.

Set to be on next season’s cast of Love & Hip Hop with hubby Pappoose, Rem will be on the air and back in the spotlight where she belongs. Will she be able to handle the new generations way of reality TV ? Fighting is the last thing we need for Remy and we know how these Love & Hip Hop girls get down. Let’s keep Remy home for good and hope she gracefully handles any situation thrown her way.

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