So many debates have sprung about the current state of Hip Hop! Many artist like David Banner will tell you that the state of Hip Hop is terrible. Legendary lyricist, Eminem, thinks otherwise. Eminem says that the current state of Hip Hop is just fine!

Em is a legend in the game and is sometimes coined the King of rap. Eminem might also have some truthful strong opinions. Some hip hop heads argue that the rap scene right now is leading people to their grave! Eminem is the opposite, like Andre 3000, Eminem says that the hip hop scene is doing fine. The Marshall MC enjoys some new lyricist sound. Eminem recently interviewed with the New York Times to discuss these opinions.

Eminem pinpointed that he enjoys hearing rappers like Kendrick Lamar,School Boy Q, Drake and Big Sean! Lil Wayne is always a wonder lyricist in Eminem’s eyes. The legendary MC coined these talented new artist as beautiful pieces of art.

Eminem stated:

“I feel like Hip Hop is in a good place right now.There’s this balance of things going on,and it feels like the best rappers are the most successful.Sometimes that not the case.”

Eminem has so much new music for die hard fans. The legend’s opinions are always going to be a statement in the music community. Do you agree with Eminem?

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