NYC always has a lot of amazing events and opportunities. Sprite decided to open up a pop up store called the Sprite Corner! Rapper, Vince Staples, performed at the Sprite corner as well!

On July 16, New York was blessed with performances by Vince Staples, Bishop Nehru and even Joey Fatts. You know why? The soda brand Sprite, decided to venture out and create a whole new type of store. This store was created as a pop up store and opened with the amazing lyricist Vince Staples. After XXL Freshman reserved Vince a spot, his underrated talent is bringing him to higher places.

Vince will also perform hits from his previous album. The Sprite pop up store is easily accessible and and anyone can reach it. The future will hold amazing and trendy freestyle battles and even cooking classes. This sprite store will give NYC a whole new feel. Sprite companies has always been involved in Hip Hop music and this will continue the elevation. Instead of going to the regular activities each weekend ya’ll can just stop at the Sprite pop up store. Will you be going? How do you guys feel about this? Stay up to date with Vince Staples and all his incredible new music he releases.

Twitter: @foreverrhopeful

SOURCE: HipHopWired