Erykah Badu is a serious gem in the eyes of most music critics. Erykah Badu’s musical influence has branded and seeded so many artist that run this generation. Recently, The Black Eyed Peas recently dropped a visual entitled “Yesterday. The legendary singer Miss Badu wasn’t all that excited, Badu took shots at Black Eyed Peas for copying her “Honey” visual!

The Black Eyed Peas premiered their new visual “yesterday” on the newly established radio show, Apple Beats 1. The show host consisted of Zane Lowe. The Black Eyed Peas dedicated “yesterday” to the major influences of the past. The Black Eyed Peas sampled songs with a twist on “yesterday”. Again, this was paying homage to the legends that came before them.

The visual “Honey”, was released a couple of years ago and has similar traits. Miss Badu blasted on Facebook that she wrote and directed her own version in 2008. Badu stated that her “Honey” visual even scored her the role of Best Director at the 2008 VMA’s! Do you think Erykah Badu was throwing a little shade? How serious do you think this is? Either way, both artist display revolutionary talent that is not up for debates!

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