If you think artists are wil’n out now-a-days, then you underestimate the kind of power crazed stalkers think they have. While major artists like Chris Brown has had problems with maniacal women in the past, rapper Curren$y’s latest run-in with a stalker is more strategic. Find out what happened after the jump!

Curren$y revealed that he’s had a stalker in his midst for quite some time. Although he did not identify the woman, he did detail how she kept tabs on him and even tried to make his family believe that she was in his life. “I guess I gotta start bustin moves wit my homegirls and my sister wit me,” tweeted the Pilot Talk rapper. “She run up they will have her done up.”

According to his brief Twitter rant, Curren$y said that this conniving stalker actually found his parents house and told his family that she was his main chick for years. She also passed by the car shop his family owns. Apparently things got so bad that they had to call the police on her… twice! As if the situation couldn’t get worse, Spitta said that the chick wasn’t even hot.

“She looks like Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Fuckin not even a hot stalker chick like the movies…Real stalkers look like That cartoon chick Daria.”

LOL! Read his full rant in the gallery!

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