Joey Bada$$

A few hours ago, Joey Bada$$ was apparently bored in his London hotel, and took to Twitter to get a few things off his chest. Starting with, “I don’t f*ck with the Bill Cosby slander,” Joey then launched into a lengthy series of tweets about the media brainwashing fans of his childhood idol.

“Ofcourse I’m always against a rapist but it’s just like yall EAT UP anything the media feeds yall….,” Joey said. “You internet kids know NOTHING except what they put in front of you on these devices. Every media site can start slandering anyone at any moment with some half ass story and you guys will fucking believe it. At the end of the day… Yall know the media is all propaganda and distractions anyway.”

As he began to get unmercifully slandered for his point of view, Joey began going even harder. Check out the full rant in the gallery. Do you agree with him?

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Source: LifeIsTremendez