After over 50 years of hostility rooted in the Cold War, the United States and Cuba restored full diplomatic relations Monday. Both nations were able to reach an agreement to resume ties and just after midnight they reopened embassies in each other’s capitals.

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Crowds of people gathered and cheered as the Cuban national anthem played and the Cuban flag being raised outside the embassy in Washington, DC. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla was present at the flag raising.

Cuban President Raul Castro said in a televised address last week said, “A new stage will begin, long and complex, on the road toward normalization,” he added, “Which will require the will to find solutions to the problems that have accumulated over more than five decades and hurt ties between our nations and peoples.”

The United States has removed Cuba from the list of states that sponsor terrorism however, there are still much to be done before travel and trade embargo restrictions are lifted. President Obama is working to have the embargo removed.

The Cuban Prime Minister is set to meet with Secretary of State John Kerry and address reporters at a joint news conference. Following, Kerry will travel to Havana to preside over a flag-raising ceremony at the U.S. Embassy on August 14th.

Watch the video of the flag raising below.

Source CNN