Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift had a heated exchange following Nicki’s commnets about the VMA’s. Just in the nick of time, Kim Kadashian posted a photo that seemed to throw shade towards Taylor Swift. Find out whether or not her post was directed to Taylor after the jump.

Nicki Minaj stated that she will be on stage to collect the Video Of the Year award, despite not being nominated. Taylor then invited Nicki to come on stage, if she wins the award. That moment would be very similar to that of the infamous Taylor x Kanye incident a few years back.

Kim Kardashian hopped on Twitter, shortly after the argument and posted a photo of herself with the caption, “Ima let you finish but..”. Kim deleted the tweet and said that she had no idea what was goin on between Taylor and Nicki and only wrote that caption because it fit the picture.

Kim is clearly trying to stay out of it, but her timing with the post was pretty ironic. Hmmm.. Are ya’ll buying Kim’s story or did she try to pull a Kanye?

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