MTV has just released this year’s VMA nominations and Nicki Minaj aired them out for not recieving a nomination for Video Of The Year. Taylor Swift responded to Nicki’s comments and seemed to make things worst.

Taylor Swift responded to Nicki’s tweets about the VMA’s, saying that she should not be pinning women against each other. Nicki responded back saying that Taylor misunderstood what she really meant and she didn’t understand why Taylor even tweeted her. They both expressed their love for each other but the conversation seemed to have a some static attached to it.

Nicki wasn’t too happy about Taylor comments and it only fueled a conversation about racial descrimination within the music industry and recieved commentary from celebrities, including actress Jackee’ Henry, who came at Taylor for her comment. On the lighter side, Bruno Mars finds humor in the situation and just wants a piece of the action and so he tweets “F**k You” to Ed Sheeran.

To top it all off Nicki ends by tweeting that she will be on stage to collect the award for Video of The Year and Taylor invited her to come up if she wins.

Well, we know that this year’s VMA’s will be turnt!! See their full exchange in the gallery.

We can all agree that Nicki Minaj has had a great year so far musically. She has been nominated in a few VMA catergories including Best Female Video. Anaconda and Feeling Myself were both two videos that made a lot of noise when they were released. However neither videos made the cut for VMA’s Video of the Year catergory.

Nicki wasn’t feeling that at all, so she and her Barbz took to Twitter to call MTV out about it. She tweeted asking MTV if the Feeling Myself video missed the deadline. Nicki then went on to state that if she was a “different kind of artist” Anaconda would have also been in the catergory.

Check the gallery to see all she had to say. Do ya’ll think she should’ve been nominated for Video Of The Year?

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