Things just seem to be getting more and more complicated for Chris Brown. The more he tries to get it together the more messy his situation gets. After being a victim of a home invasion organized by his so-called friends, CB went overseas for a number of performances. To add on to the drama that seems to follow the singer around, Chris Brown is currently stuck in the Philippines and banned from leaving by the government.

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According to officials from the Philippines, Chris Brown performed at his show Tuesday night but Wednesday morning in an attempt to travel for his Hong Kong show he was barred from leaving.

The Philippines Justice department gave the green light to party promoters whom Brown skipped out on last New Year’s Eve, to hold him in the country until he pays back the money owed.

This isn’t the first time Breezy had trouble at international borders, back in February he was denied entry to Canada due to his criminal record. Hopefully this all gets worked out, so CB doesn’t leave the Hong Kong fans hanging.

Source TMZ