The Stephen Curry vs. James Harden MVP debate should be over with by now but it was reignited due to the airing of the NBA Player Awards where the players themselves chose the winners.  The awards aired Tuesday night on BET and Harden was awarded the MVP of the season award despite Curry winning the actual award, voted on by the press.  Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey took to his Twitter account to support his player.

Morey issued a challenge to anyone who doesn’t think Harden was the MVP of last season, meet him in Temecula.

If you’re somehow unaware of the Temecula reference, it’s stems from a despite between Twitter users arguing about Kobe Bryant.  One guy was so pissed he literally drove to Temecula to fight where he thought the other guy would be but the other guy tricked him.  You can refresh your memory HERE.

*Morey’s tweets in gallery above*

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