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Meek Mill comes at Drake and Safaree in Twitter rant.

Everybody is in their bag on Twitter lately, and while Nicki Minaj was going at it with Taylor Swift, Meek Mill decided to go on a little rant of his own and he’s airing it all out. He comes straight for Safaree with a video of him twerking. In the caption Meek says ” I always though you was gay letting ya girl do all that s**t with n***as.”

Meek then addressed his album sales saying that Nicki is not responsible for his success and called out critics for trying to credit his success to other people/things.

Drake was last on Meek’s agenda and he hit hard, telling everyone to stop comparing them becuase Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Meek went on to say that Drake didn’t write his verse on R.I.C.O., and if he had known sooner he would’ve taken him off the album. He says that Lil Wayne and Nicki both know the deal with Drake but probably wont call him out for it. He then gives Kendrick and J Cole props for being real rappers.

As everyone begins to react to the rant, Og Maco chimed in and addressed Meek’s claim, saying that he was also aware that Drake didn’t write his own raps. Meanwhile, Drake fans have attacked Meek’s wikipedia page, changing his info and calling him a hater.

Welp Drake…. is it true?

Sheshh!! Things have gotten real messy and it looks like it is far from over. However, the real question is where is this all coming from? Could it have something to do with Nicki?

Check the gallery for his full rant and stay tuned for updates.

Oop! #Safaree #MeekMill (the rest of the tweet said …. "sh*t with n*ggas while y'all were together!" )

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