Credits Don’t Lie: Quentin Miller Has Writing Credits On A lot Of Drakes Songs.

Last night the Hip Hop community went crazy on Twitter when Meek Mill accused Drake for using Ghostwriters and not writing his own raps. Well we are here to tell you that these claims really don’t sound too off. Why your asking ? Well Not only Did Funk Flex Leak the Original version of Drake’s song “10 Bands” with Quinton Miller and only Quenton Miller on it (who just so happens to be the person Meek Mill said wrote Drake’s Rhymes.) We also see Quenton Miller’s name all over the writing credits for a bunch of different Drake songs on his latest album “If Your Reading This, It’s too Late.”

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Does this make Meek Mill’s claims more believable?

Click Here To listen to the original Demo version of “10 Bands” by Quenton Miller.

What do you guys think about this whole situation?

Chris Brown Chimed in earlier and so did OG Maco. Even Drake’s right hand man Producer “40” Spoke out about the allegations that Q. Miller is indeed writing Drake’s raps.

Some say Meek Mill is being petty because Drake didn’t Tweet out his album, others say that Drake is a fake rapper who is getting more credit then he deserves. Where do you stand? Let us know! #IFWT!