IFWT_Barnes Ibaka 4

Matt Barnes went on ESPN’s “SportsNation” and blasted Serge Ibaka as a “fake tough guy” and declared that he seriously wants to fight OKC’s big man.  Ibaka responded on Twitter asking the UFC and it’s head honcho Dana White if they can make it happen.  Well it turns out it wasn’t an empty request, Ibaka is interested in a UFC style fight but he has one stipulation.

TMZ Sports ran into Ibaka and asked him about the situation.  Ibaka repeated that Barnes is a funny guy and should be a comedian.

But he did say he would make the fight happen, he just has to win an NBA championship first and make a lot of money.  In other words, it wouldn’t happen until he’s practically done with his career and by then I’m pretty sure no one will care.

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