IFWT_Future on Funk Flex
Future stopped by Hot97 to talk with Funk Flex before his NYC show last night. While there he dropped some gems, like how he grew up in a crowded household, sleeping on the floor, giving him the hunger to hustle and get a better lifestyle.

Tat Wza

Future detailed how he had his drugs with him on the floor, and how his own family was viewing him, not expecting him to have a ‘Future’. Even going on to answer Flex about not wanting the music back then, just ‘the hustle’, which he later applied to his music.

He later was asked about what he thought about what Meek Mill said about Drake not writing his own material, Future responded by saying ‘I didn’t think anything of it….I’m just focused on this music’, which is what one would expect from an artist promo’ing his newly released album, and an artist that works with both Meek and Drake!