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The final stop of Future’s ‘Salute The Fans’ mini tour is tonight in LA. All week we’ve seen people lining up hours in advance to get their tickets and wristbands for the show. Today in L.A. when all the wristbands were given out the fans started a riot and police showed up in riot gear.

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Clearly, #FutureHive from L.A. were ready for the amazing show that Future was going to perform tonight. We’ve seen footage from the Atlanta and NYC shows and they look LIT! So this morning when it was announced that the fourth and final show would be at Roxy, fans lined up beginning at 9AM when the the show isn’t until midnight.

Around 1PM all 500 wristbands were given out and the people started to go crazy. They were pouring out into the streets and then police showed up in riot gear strapped with riot guns.

Check out the video below.

Source TMZ