Lil Wayne, Birdman & DJ E-Feezy ring in 2014 at Cameo in Miami

Both Young Thug and Birdman were named in a recent indictment, saying they were behind a conspiracy to have Lil Wayne killed when a man (who later turned out to be connected to Thug) shot at Wayne’s tour bus back in April. The damning evidence was in the phone records, as the suspect (Jimmy Winfrey) had placed two calls – one before the shooting and one after – and the first call was a phone registered to Young Thug, the second to Birdman.

However, Birdman is denying any involvement. TMZ reports that that wasn’t exactly the right story, as Birdman DID get a call following the shooting, but it was from someone in Wayne’s camp.

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We’re told the call came from someone in Wayne’s camp who was understandably pissed, and anxious to tell Birdman what went down shortly before the shooting — that Jimmy Carlton Winfrey had been kicked out of a club for harassing Wayne.

Birdman reportedly assured Wayne he wasn’t involved in any way, and would help to find out who was – but then that whole drink-throwing thing doesn’t exactly make much sense. I mean, it’s not anywhere near as severe, but it certainly doesn’t seem like a man who was trying to help!

As for the phones being registered to Birdman – they say they’re company phones and everyone associated with YMCMB – from Bird to Wayne to even the shooter – all have lines under it. (I don’t understand this part, though, because didn’t they just say it was indeed Birdman who got the call, but from someone in Wayne’s camp? I’m confused!)

Source: TMZ