Chris Brown

What a nightmare! Back on New Year’s Eve, Chris Brown was scheduled to perform in the Philippines, but was forced to cancel just the day before when he couldn’t find his passport. Earlier this week, he returned to make it up with a new show, and thought all would be well. Wrong! As he tried to leave to make his way to Hong Kong for another scheduled show, Breezy found out that he was in trouble with the law there over missing the show (as the promoters reportedly wanted their money back), and wouldn’t be able to leave until the matter was resolved.

At first Chris was being light-hearted about the matter, making some silly videos on Instagram, but after his legal team thought they cleared it up and he got on a plane – only to be STOPPED on the tarmac, he began to realize the severity of the situation and took to Twitter to express his concerns. Finally, though – he’s a free man!

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PageSix reports that late last night, Chris was able to obtain a certificate that allows him to leave the country, according to Elaine Tan, spokeswoman of the Immigration Bureau. She said the clearance was given after “verifying that Chris Brown has no other derogatory record apart from the (immigration lookout bulletin)” that was issued Wednesday.

But here’s the thing, though – he’s not in the clear just yet! They’ve only waived him for the early part of the investigation into the fraud claim, but charges will be filed in court if prosecutors find probable cause to charge him and the promoter.

“What is important at this point is for him to know that there are criminal proceedings against him at the preliminary investigation level,” Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said in a statement.

The clearance from Immigration Commissioner Siegfred Mison was needed because of the fraud complaint. This is crazy!

Source: PageSix