Grandmaster Flash has filed a police report and posted an Instagram plea, trying to figure out just how a parking attendant could give away his custom Dodge Charger to the wrong person. Hit the jump for more details.

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Grandmaster Flash filed a police report on July 16th just three hours after parking attendant gave his car to the wrong person, and police still have not found the vehicle, which contained three boxes of vinyl records. It has been listed as a grand larceny auto, but the 57 year-old DJ is still puzzled as to how this could have happened.

He posted on his Instagram a video detailing what happened. He said he parked the car in the garage and returned two hours to find that it had been given to someone else. He said, “The car attendant says, ‘OMG I’ve given your car to someone else by accident with no ID, no license,'” he added, “He didn’t even ask him to describe the car or its contents. He said the guy looks like me.”

The garage, located at 101 West 23 Street NY, confirmed that the employee who caused the mix up has been fired.

Check out Grandmaster Flash’s plea below and click the gallery to see the car.

Source ABC Instagram