Floyd Mayweather loves to take care of his people. The media and fans of boxing love hating on him but they never see the good he does away from the sport, with his generosity and compassion for people who are loyal to him. Money team boxer Ashley Theophane experienced it first hand yesterday as Floyd surprised him with a new whip.


Life’s good when you’re on The Money Team cause one of Floyd Mayweather’s proteges tells TMZ Sports the boxing champ hooked him up with a brand spanking new ride worth over $30k!

Okay, it’s not a Bugatti or a Ferrari, but Ashley Theophane, who’s 38-6 ain’t complaining. Theophane tells us he was chillin’ at home when Floyd called and said meet him at a dealership.

When he arrived Floyd handed him the keys to a fully loaded 2015 Chrysler 300. Theophane says he needed a car, but had no idea his mentor was hooking it up like this.

AT says it’s Floyd’s way of showing him love for winning 5 straight fights. He added, “Floyd makes so much money. He likes to take care of his team.”

Guarantee people will still find a way to hate on this gesture by saying Floyd could have gotten him a more expensive car. Those people you just can’t reason with.