Bobby Shmurda

Well this is an interesting turn of events. As you know, an 18-year-old girl by the name of Kimberly Rousseau has been hit with 3 charges and is facing up to 7 years in jail after being caught trying to smuggle in a shank to Bobby Shmurda while he’s serving his bid at Rikers Island.

Up until now, all media outlets have been referring to Kim as his longtime girlfriend, but new developments in the case say she’s not that at all – but yet a “random fan who was able to gain access to Shmurda during visitation.” LMAO! This is coming from Bobby’s camp, so either they’re trying to say that he didn’t know the girl at all and didn’t know she’d be handing him a weapon (so as to say he’s innocent) or just to clarify that he’s not with this girl and she’s just trying to get on his good side by doing things for him. Either way, this story is nuts!

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Source: Vlad